Fuckin’ Hillbillies at Hopscotch 2014: Walk, Don’t Talk



Mark Kozelek is not an asshole. I wasn’t at King’s Barcade when Kozelek performed as Sun Kil Moon, called his crowd hillbillies and told them to shut the fuck up, but I didn’t need to be there to know the reality of the situation. There was plenty of chatting at the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) of Raleigh, the venue I stuck around the entirety of the festival for. Even if you’ve never attended a music festival, there’s a great chance that you know how difficult it is to keep a crowd focused on the artist, or at least get them to not try to hold a conversation at a decibel level higher than the speakers. Any attempt to erase all distractions in the age of during a show is a herculean task, and Kozelek’s type of outburst certainly sounds severe, but going to great lengths to criticize or applaud Kozelek for his actions misses a better and more sensible talk about unhappy, distracted patrons at a show. 

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Target has #socks on clearance, happy birthday to me

Target has #socks on clearance, happy birthday to me

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on three hours of sleep and feeling it, asked a girl I might like or whatever if she wants to go out and might be hanging on it, this day could go two very different ways and I’m not feeling it


I got my body fat percentage measured today and hahahaha well that certainly makes you feel shit about yourself.



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